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We Create Calming Environments in Hospitals, Medical Offices & Senior Living Communities.

Controlling noise is an important component of providing top-notch care and a satisfying work environment.

We have over 42 years of global expertise in the science of acoustics. Our products are trusted worldwide in top recording, worship, broadcast, business, educational and governmental facilities.

Backed by extensive research and meticulous testing, Acoustic Therapeutics™ takes a custom approach to your specific challenges. We can control sound in countless ways and are adept at working within budgetary and aesthetic guidelines.

Let us leverage our products, experience and proprietary methodology to help improve your patient, visitor and staff experience. 

Connect with us below for an initial consultation without cost or obligation. 

Quiet. Calming. Control.
Acoustic Therapeutics 

Download a two-page overview of our products, services, methodology and brief research about the importance of noise control in healthcare.

Sculpting Sonic Environments That Improve Patient & Staff Experiences


Noise disrupts sleep, impedes healing, degrades job satisfaction, reduces productivity and carries substantial mental and physical risks.


We’re a specialty subsidiary of Auralex Acoustics, Inc., based in Indianapolis & a global leader in acoustical treatments & consulting services since 1977.


Proper sound control improves patient-satisfaction ratings and staff retention while increasing productivity and reducing errors.


Reducing noise in your facility leads to happier employees & improved patient outcomes for many years to come. Make a sound investment!



You have a top-notch facility, the latest technology and a stellar staff.

But does your environment encourage calmness and recovery? Perhaps not. In fact, many hospitals and LTC facilities exhibit excessive noise, often with peak sound levels louder than a jackhammer and many times louder than the EPA, OSHA and the World Health Organization recommend.

A properly optimized acoustical environment is critical — because every sound your patients (and staff) hear plays a part in their wellbeing.

There is an enormous body of research that proves that noise increases the stress response, causes hypertension, increases respirations and heart rate, impedes learning, increases errors and causes cognitive impairment.

There is simply nothing positive about high levels of harmful, disturbing noise — for patients, visitors or staff.

With our decades of experience and our extensive understanding of the science of sound control, we can help turn your facility into a more pleasing environment for patients, visitors and staff alike.



There is an ever-growing awareness and widespread acknowledgment of the negative effects of noise on the health of patients and that of their caregivers.

But noise is also harmful to the success of your organization.

Healthcare Finance News stated in "Everybody's Top Complaint About Hospitals? Noise, According To HCAHPS Data" (12/17) that noise makes a night in the hospital "exasperating."

Susan E. Mazer, Ph.D., stated in her 3/13 blog post that "Today's noise is tomorrow's HCAHPS score."

Acoustic Therapeutics can help.

With our proprietary acoustical products, noise-monitoring and reporting technology, and our decades of global consulting experience, we can help improve the patient experience and your staff's job satisfaction.

Your organization must remain healthy if it is to attract patients and retain top-notch staff, plus garner favorable HCAHPS scores and social media reviews by providing the highest level of care. Proper acoustical control is a win-win.



Noise has quantifiable negative effects on all patients, but research shows even greater impact on memory-impaired patients, who are particularly sensitive to external stimuli, perhaps most of all by sound.

There is opinion that the sounds that memory-impaired people perceive may not be the actual sound that's occurring, but perhaps something even more disturbing to them. A sonically pleasing atmosphere is key.

It has been reported that chronic difficulty in hearing can lead to a sense of detachment, loneliness and isolation — particularly among the memory-impaired.

A calm, tranquil environment ensures that these sensitive individuals can hear familiar, beneficial sounds and communicate effectively with others. Laughter, conversations, music and more, at appropriate levels, can all help to ground these patients.

Further, research suggests that improvement can be expected in virtually all quantifiable markers of dementia, including the reduction or elimination of pharmaceuticals in some patients. 


History. Expertise. Experience.



Way back in 1977, we began developing better environments for sound. Our founder helped make acoustical treatments and consulting affordable and available worldwide. This revolutionized acoustics for recording studios and broadcasters, but quickly grew to include the US Government, the Fortune® 500, major universities and more. Recognizing the opportunity to make a difference in the people's and animals' lives, we have leveraged this same set of proprietary solutions and consulting acumen in the world of healthcare and wellness.



Our approach is based on research and product testing, not speculation or guesswork. We know what works, because we've developed it, built it, tested it, tested it again and improved it again and again over the last 4+ decades. Our acoustical solutions are customized for the needs of each environment, guaranteeing superior results. The result is a truly consultative, Golden Rule partnership, and we are committed to the success of every client.



Our long list of success stories will attest to the excellence of our acoustical products and world-class service. Never content to rest on our laurels, we perpetually innovate and patent new ways of controlling sound to create optimal sonic environments. We prove our methodologies and superior level of service every day for our clients around the world. Find out for yourself how Acoustic Therapeutics can help optimize your operation through improved acoustics.


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